Archipel Academy acquires Conclusion Learning Centers

Fastest-growing EdTech platform aims to be world's leading global marketplace for training 
by end of 2024

Archipel Academy, the all-in-one learning platform for organizations, today acquired Conclusion Learning Centers (CLC) from Conclusion. Archipel Academy previously acquired Learning Services from CLC in mid 2021. With this new step, Archipel Academy is acquiring the Class Learning Platform and all the employees. This acquisition is a step towards achieving Archipel Academy's ambition to become the world's 
leading learning marketplace for training programmes and courses.

February 9th, 2023   |   News   |   By: Conclusion


Archipel Academy neemt Conclusion Learning Centers over

Archipel Academy is the fastest-growing Dutch EdTech company. With the acquisition of the 
Class Learning Platform, Archipel Academy now offers an even broader range of features. It 
can also provide optimal support to organizations with very complex processes by helping 
them develop their personnel and keep staff skills up to date.

In addition to the Class Learning Platform, Archipel Academy is acquiring CLC's employees 
and customers. Class started in 1999 and was one of the first learning platforms in the 
Netherlands, making it truly pioneering. With over 20 years of experience, the employees 
have extensive knowledge and expertise. The employees from CLC will form an expertise 
centre within Archipel Academy that will assist clients with issues concerning learning 
management systems (LMS) and complex challenges. 

‘By adding the Class Learning Platform, we are strengthening our position in the public 
sector and taking another step towards becoming the world's leading learning marketplace, 
thereby fulfilling our ambition of keeping as many people fit for the future as possible,’ says 
Omar Zakaria Fouab, founder and CEO of Archipel Academy. 

Archipel Academy and Conclusion Learning Centers have already shared many customers 
since the acquisition of Learning Services. Current customers will continue to use the Class 
Learning Platform they are familiar with, while they will now also benefit from the content 
marketplace that provides access to over 3,000 educators and more than 70,000 training 
programmes, sessions, and courses.

Celine van Hulst, director Conclusion Learning Centers: ‘After more than four years as 
director of Conclusion Learning Centers, I look back with great pride on what we have 
achieved together as an organization and the boundless commitment and loyalty of our 
employees. But the market is constantly changing, and Class' growth and development 
requires a forward-thinking strategy. Archipel Academy's focus is on learning services, which 
is why we decided the Class platform was a better fit for Archipel Academy's strategy. They 
offer our customers many new opportunities, including an expanded range of training 
programmes and services. For both our employees and the Class Learning Platform, it is a 
wonderful next step towards continued growth and development at Archipel Academy.’


Since being established in 2018, Archipel Academy's gross transaction volume has grown to 
more than €100 million (2022). This is partly the result of the acquisition of Edubookers in 
2022 and strong organic growth in the Netherlands. Archipel Academy's main focus now is a 
buy-and-build strategy abroad. The ambition is to facilitate over €350m worth of learning 
interventions by the end of 2024 in at least six regions, including the Netherlands, DACH, 
France, the UK, the Nordics, and North America. Over the next three years, Archipel 
Academy plans six acquisitions within these strategic growth markets.

Leven Lang Ontwikkelen

Archipel Academy believes that the future of work requires a new approach – one that is 
more personal, less expensive, and higher impact. Because even though change is always 
the only constant, everything is different now. We no longer live in an era of change, but in a 
change of era. This change is having a huge impact on the labour market. Themes such as 
digitalization, globalization, sustainability, and the rapid rise of artificial intelligence mean that 
today's solutions no longer meet tomorrow's challenges.