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Building tomorrow together

Building a better, healthier, and sustainable society together – that’s what the industry is all about. To achieve this, IT must be resilient, agile, and distinctive, with the potential of Industry 4.0 as one of the key drivers. But for this to happen, IT and production, logistics, and sales must be perfectly aligned and operate according to the same goals and priorities. Based on our experience in the industry, we provide smart and proven solutions and help you with implementation and management. Not only for today, but also for tomorrow and beyond. This is how we build the future together.

Correct data for control and production

Using data effectively keeps you ahead of the game, and many companies are aware of this. But sometimes, they’re not sure which steps are the most effective ones to take. How do you get the right data from your systems both in the production department and the back office? How do you create coherence? At Conclusion, we answer those questions by taking a look at your business operations, sales, production, and logistics. We consult with you to find the right solution for control and production. The goal is to achieve better performance based on a more data-driven and insight-driven organization.

Working on resilience

Production, logistics, and sales are the beating heart of your company. This also makes your company vulnerable: you want to avoid production stoppages, valuable research becoming public, or your website being hacked. At Conclusion, we look for the most robust and secure combination of infrastructure, systems, and working methods. We help our clients to simplify and strengthen their critical infrastructure and systems by migrating to public or other cloud such as Azure and AWS, as well as modern ERP platforms such as SAP S4 and AFAS. If desired, we can manage these platforms for you. Rest assured that we know what we’re doing: business and society-critical processes and systems are second nature to us. An additional guarantee for 24/7 resilience is our ‘Peace of Mind as a Service’ offer.

Digital engineering

Innovate and stand out

The market, society, and your customers are constantly changing. This also means you’re continually having to set yourself apart from competitors. IT can be a major driver in this respect – just think of the rise of prefab construction, the introduction of on-site 3D printing, or Smart Buildings. Industry 4.0 – the combination of new technology, data, and digitalization – is here to stay. We help you to explore and implement new technologies by making smart changes to existing working methods in your organization. As part of your organizational transformation, we accelerate the implementation of your investments and innovations.

Getting people on board

As with any major change, people are the most important link to success – especially in an industry where employees make all the difference. How do your employees cope with change? We help you transform into a digital organization with a focus on culture change and leadership. We do this in the areas of strategy, project management, and change management. We also offer smart digital learning and change solutions with a focus on the employee journey. By following a ‘design thinking’ approach, we find the best solution for your organization.

From product-oriented to customer-oriented

In these changing times, it’s your customer rather than the product that should be your focus. Today’s customers demand that products and services match their personal wishes and demands. This often requires a major transformation of your existing working method: for your organization and employees, and for the technology that supports everything. And besides, every customer is different. Together, we go through the customer experience based on design thinking and service design, working towards a Service Blueprint and Minimum Viable Product (MVP), closely involving production and sales. And if you want to go further, we can scale up to development, putting into production, and management.

Strengthening the weakest link

The ecosystem that involves you and your partners has become a critical factor in itself. It is therefore a crucial part of your business continuity and performance. How strong is the weakest link in the chain? What if the systems of key partners and suppliers turn out to be unreliable or break down? With our chain management and monitoring solutions, we provide real-time insight into all the links in the chain. This means that efforts to achieve agreed business performance indicators can be proactively managed, which in turn increases the resilience of the chain. At Conclusion, we help you to increase your resilience by using smart software robots (RPA) or software platforms (Lowcode) that reduce the chance of errors and speed up the throughput time. We can even apply block chain and security solutions to achieve enhanced quality and reliability throughout the chain.

Becoming agile for growth

To facilitate growth, you need to differentiate IT in your generation process. Implementing new working methods such as Agile working and DevOps is an example of this. In addition, the architecture and integration of processes and systems needs to be tailored to your business needs. We’d be happy to help you determine the various steps. We leverage our experience with migrations and can advise you on transitioning from outdated IT environments to future-oriented IT landscapes in the cloud based on new technologies, such as low-code Mendix, Outsystem, or PowerApps. We can also provide advice on integrating systems based on modern API platforms, such as Azure or Mulesoft, or even take over, renew, and manage all or part of your existing IT environment. This way, you keep resources and time available to invest in innovation and growth.

Reduce your foodprint and increase your competitive advantage

Responsible production and transport have become the most important preconditions for your business management and continuity – and sometimes even of the entire chain. We’re all aware of the increasingly strict requirements and conditions for nitrogen use, CO2 emissions, energy consumption, and waste – we know the key role we place in ensuring a healthy environment and society. At Conclusion, we’d be happy to help you use these conditions to your advantage. This could include a smart application of Industry 4.0 and data to drastically reduce energy consumption, or using this technology as a basis to produce your own energy or reuse residual products further down the chain. We fully believe in the value of reducing your foodprint to increase your competitive advantage.

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