Building together towards a better, healthier, and sustainable society. That's what the industry is all about. IT needs to be resilient, agile, and distinctive, with the capabilities of Industry 4.0 as the main drivers. For this, IT must seamlessly integrate with production, logistics, and sales.

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At Conclusion, we understand the unique challenges faced by large companies in the industry and offer tailor-made solutions.

Data Integration

We extract the right data from your systems and create coherence across your operations, sales, production, and logistics. We then collaborate with you to find the right solutions for control and production. The result: improved performance based on a more data- and insight-driven organization.


We seek the most robust and secure combination of infrastructure, systems, and work methods. Leveraging (public) Cloud services like Azure and AWS, and modern ERP platforms such as SAP S/4HANA and AFAS, we strengthen and streamline your critical infrastructure and systems.


Prefab construction, the introduction of on-site 3D printing, or Smart Buildings—Industry 4.0, combining new technology, data, and digitalization, is essential. By smartly adapting existing practices within your organization, we accelerate your investments and innovations.

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Tomorrow-minded people

We support your employees in their development, encouraging their enthusiasm to embrace what is unfamiliar. This includes strategy, change management, and digital learning and change solutions.


Digital engineering

Conclusion helps Heijmans achieve its mission: 'Better, smarter, sustainable'

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Heijmans is building its digital highway with partner myBrand. This is based on the myBrand Private Cloud and solid SAP Service.''

Hendrik-jan Smaal

Chief information Officer


Quick and smoothly! I think this is a fine example of how to approach an IT innovation project.

Hetty Verbakel

Customer Services Team manager at Attero

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Eugene Reijgersberg

Eugene Reijgersberg

Client Director