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Drijvende kracht achter intelligent operations en duurzaam resultaat
Achieve your ambitions through the power of connected data and IT.

AMIS strengthens your business operations by using data as production capital. Our approach contributes to performance improvement, cost reduction, risk reduction, and the facilitation of new business models. If you’re wondering what we’re good at, our answer would be the Internet of Things, Data and Integration Engineering, Data-driven applications, and Data Platforms.

Our expertise

Integration AMIS


The strength of integration lies in the immediate availability of information – regardless of location – where it’s needed. Applications and data sources that automatically synchronize communal data or make real-time use of it. This means that you won't need to split systems and gather information from a number of different systems. It also prevents potential errors. Welcome to the world of smart and fast current data that is available from any location.

Internet of Things

Connect the physical and digital world: organizations become more decisive if they can utilize data available from sensors and machines. Especially if this can be combined with the information available from internal and external applications and sources of data. We call this: Integrated Internet of Things, I-IoT.

Intelligent Dataplatforms AMIS Conclusion

Data Engineering

Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence are the IT promises of the present. The power of this technology can only truly be used if a strong data foundation has been established. Good usability of data is linked to quality, reliability, availability, and uniformity.

Beheer en Onderhoud: niet hetzelfde, beide nodig AMIS Conclusion

Applications / DevOps

Data-driven applications – the main interface towards the user, manual processing, or visual information provision

Products AMIS


In addition to our services, we provide immediately usable products: licenses, subscriptions, ADF Performance Monitor, and Pagoni.




Connect the physical world to the digital one: less risk, higher quality, and lower costs thanks to ‘the Internet of Things’.



Connect applications and data sources: increased returns and improved efficiency by integrating data and application landscapes.



Connect data to progress: continually increase the agility and resilience of IT systems for future use.

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The wide range of services offered by Conclusion is based on a very simple concept – the best combination of in-house experts and services to support every customer issue. With such a range of expertise and clout under one roof, we are the logical partner for every digital journey destined for tomorrow.

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