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Our profession is unlocking data in a flexible and secure way

Expertise, quality, and passion are our core values

Our profession is unlocking data in an accessible, reliable, and secure way – our way. Our highly qualified data integration specialists secure essential integration competences, and that is how we make the difference. Expertise, quality, and passion are the values that come naturally to us. And it shows, because we have a proven track record in complex integration projects with large Dutch clients.

Our expertise

Managed Services

Managed Services

The integration landscape is becoming increasingly extensive and complex. But you’re keen to focus on your core business. Virtual Sciences completely reduces your workload in terms of development and/or management.

Technical application management

Technical application management

Major damage caused by the smallest downtime of business-critical applications. It is always a possibility, in a world where your business operations or those of partners depend on available data and systems.

Consultancy and advice

Consultancy and advice

We are becoming increasingly digital. How will your organization maintain its own innovative power both now and in the future? How can it ensure that it responds flexibly to market developments?

We are part of a unique ecosystem

Benefit from our unique ecosystem

At Conclusion, we serve our clients by leveraging a unique ecosystem of IT and business-oriented companies. Each is an authority in their field. We’re a diverse team that inspires and reinforces each other. But how can this help you? As a client, you’ll always benefit from a customized solution that’s in line with your strategy and business goals. Get ready to unlock new opportunities.

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The rapidly changing world demands a different view and approach. It’s essential that data and functionalities from a range of systems can be used easily. Integration is a key enabler for agility and achieving strategic objectives in a modern organization. How far ahead do you dare to look? Let’s work together to see how we can achieve your ambitions.''

Jos Smits

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer Virtual Sciences Conclusion

Our strength lies in our people who, with dedication and making full use of their knowledge and enthusiasm, help our customers 24/7!''

Roos Thoonsen

Business Director

Roos Thoonsen

Virtual Sciences works based on the belief that people make the difference. Especially in IT. From (technology) consulting to complete projects, we deliver the best people to crucial places and at the right time.''

Robbert Waijenberg


Virtual Sciences Conclusion Robbert Waijenberg

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The wide range of services offered by Conclusion is based on a very simple concept – the best combination of in-house experts and services to support every customer issue. With such a range of expertise and clout under one roof, we are the logical partner for every digital journey destined for tomorrow.

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Do you enjoy working as part of a team and contributing to meaningful IT projects? Discover what it's like to work at Conclusion and check our current vacancies!
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Let’s work together to see how we can achieve your ambitions

Robbert Waijenberg

Robbert Waijenberg



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