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To­mor­row-min­ded pe­o­p­le

Accelerating transformation by incorporating the human dimension of IT.

Ready for tomorrow?

At Conclusion, we guide transitions to tomorrow: we take into account the interaction between technology and personnel, and we acknowledge everyone’s personal motives. IT is people-focused.

Being and remaining agile

How do you stay relevant as an organization not only today, but also tomorrow? This question is more topical than ever. Many organizations are about to take their first steps in digital transformation.

Employees as the key to success

Besides technological innovation, digital transformation leads to changes within teams. With new ‘data’ or ‘digital’ roles rendering existing ones obsolete, employees require new skills alongside changes in behaviour and mindset. We call them ‘tomorrow-minded people’.

Adoption through sustainable interventions

We refer to the human side of transformation as ‘adoption’. Focusing extra attention on this human side will also speed up your IT and business transformation.

Adoption is not about providing a document with background information or giving a one-off training course. In our view, you achieve adoption by using sustainable interventions spread over an extended period. This is how we increase IT adoption, create chain awareness, and achieve the cultural change you want.

For each organization, we use a four-step digital maturity model: a bit like a mirror – but completely without judgement. Which step are you on and where do you want to go? This analysis determines which resources we will use and where this will fit in with your current initiatives.

Learning from daily dilemmas

KLM is expanding the role of human intervention in safety to create a future-proof, security-aware team.

What we do

We offer these services to link digital transformation with adoption:

  • Guiding organizations toward a new way of working, such as DevOps or BusDevOps.
  • Developing a digital strategy.
  • Providing practical advice on process optimization.
  • Advising on HR and Learning & Development.
  • Designing programmes for continuous learning and achieving adoption.
  • Training leaders and developing teams.
  • Implementing Learning Management Systems.
  • Deployment of e-learning, serious games, and learning apps.

Who’s here to help you?

Our experts – business consultants, education professionals, user experience designers, and behavioural change agents – respond to your employees’ personal motives. We make change accessible: by using the language of your employees’ day-to-day work activities.

Our approach is both analytical and practical. To truly be ready for tomorrow, you need a vision and a down-to-earth, hands-on mentality. Change can start small.  

What’s in it for you?
Employees who embrace change and are confident about the future.
Employees with the right knowledge, skills, and motivation.
Team leaders who embrace their leadership role and are able to delegate responsibilities.
Embedded culture change
Reusable, sustainable resources.
Where to start?

You can come to us with any question, at any stage, and for any portfolio – even if you don't have a digital strategy for the future fully mapped out yet. During our introductory meeting, we explore and analyse your key question. Based on this analysis, we identify and highlight the main bottlenecks and where we need to take action first. We think the best way to do this is in cooperation with each other.

Harness the power of our ecosystem

Consultancy on where business meets IT. We connect visions and goals to an effective digital strategy.

  • Digital strategy
  • Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Performance enhancement

Tomorrow-minded people is one of the eight themes that help us to answer your questions about digitalization and transformation.

How tomorrow-minded are your employees?

Eefje Albers will tell you more

Eefje Albers

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