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Fit for purpose software

Custom software for acceleration and best fit. 

The more disruption there is, the more you need to be able to make adjustments in real time. Transition quickly from idea to operational result, because you want to be resilient where needed as well as agile and distinctive where you can.

Conclusion delivers custom software that enables you to respond directly to your current and future needs. In high code, low code, or no code. We work with you to find the right solution for the challenge you are facing. The answer is not a question of one or the other: high code, low code, and no code can be applied synchronously. This will change more than just your IT landscape. The organization’s adoption of a new technology and working methods is the centre of our attention from the first moment onwards. During the change, the people and processes within your organization will also be a central focus.

Problem or challenge? 

Why make things difficult when there’s an easier way? If you can adapt your process to a standard solution, that’s the quickest approach. However, no organization exclusively works in accordance with existing standards. Our custom solutions will help you in the areas where you want to be distinct, flexible, and agile. ‘Every company is a software company’.

Sprint-based building

While Agile is becoming increasingly popular, our software solutions can be implemented using a variety of project types: Agile, Waterfall method, or even a combination of the two. We make sure that it all fits together seamlessly.

The switch to sprint-based development spells the end of big-bang software releases. It's faster and more reliable to regularly make minor adjustments. It also makes you less vulnerable, because after each sprint you already know what’s been built. Additionally, our DevOps approach is geared towards maximum integration between software management and software development.

When do you search for custom software?

You want to increase your focus on innovation. Standard solutions are not always sufficient to be/remain/become meaningful

You are looking for ways to be more distinctive. As a company, you want to stand out from the competition and custom work can help give you a head start in this regard. 

You want to be more flexible. In other words, quickly establishing something with the use of software, in a sustainable way. 

You want to digitize your processes. Standard business software often makes it a costly endeavour to design distinctive business processes to be ‘effortless’ and ‘fit for purpose’. 

You want to be and remain agile. This means modernizing legacy software to ensure you are resilient and more agile. 

Custom software boosts business

You want to respond to trends in the market. This means you need to be able to transition quickly from idea to operational result. But how?

What we do

Conclusion’s knowledge of a number of low-code platforms and traditional development talents means that it has the option to provide ‘Fit for purpose’ software that you can use to tackle any challenge.

Here, it’s all about custom software development. In a nutshell: conceptualizing, fine-tuning, designing, programming, developing, documenting, testing, maintaining, and expanding applications, frameworks, and other applications that are suitable for use on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Our services focus on three areas:

  • We advise you on whether to use high code, low code, and no code. To get started, we always perform a quick scan. We present an architectural vision that, on the one hand, is suited to mapped processes and potential development platforms and, on the other, is suited to your existing IT landscape.Together, we will work to determine what represents the best fit.
  • We use all types of design, to-be process digitization, user personas, a product vision, and a product roadmap.
  • We develop the desired functionalities on the basis of the architectural vision, design output, and predominantly ongoing insights.

    What’s in it for you?
    Balanced decisions: Make decisions based on an open and independent discussion, so you can choose the right technology for your situation.
    ‘Fit-for-purpose’ software: Maximum support in tackling your challenges.
    Making things easier from A to Z: Conclusion reduces the workload throughout the entirety of the application-lifecycle process. We remain ‘on board’ from initiation to demobilization to keep your IT landscape fit and to supervise its users.
    Shortest possible time to market: Stay ahead of market developments. Getting on board is quick and easy.
    Option for accelerated digitization: Make optimal use of digital touchpoints to drive the development of your business.
    Optimal economic value: Custom software makes business processes run faster and more efficiently. This translates into plenty of benefits for you. It gives you an advantage over the competition.
    Where to start?

    You can come to us with any question, at any stage, and for any portfolio. All you have to do is ask. We are here to review, launch, implement, and manage your project – regardless of your starting point. 

    Leverage the power of our ecosystem

    If you want to move faster, you need to consider low-code applications. Innovate and accelerate from craftsmanship.

    • Application development
    • ERP disentanglement
    • Legacy replacement
    • Digitization business processes
    • Native mobile apps

    Fit-for-Purpose Software is one of the eight themes that help us answer your questions about digitalization and transformation.

    Want to take advantage of opportunities to the beat your business?

    Daniëlle Graat

    Director Conclusion Low Code Company
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