Our roots

Way ahead of its time, Conclusion was founded in 1997 based on a concept that instantly appealed – respond to changes and seize opportunities. Some of these changes had such an impact that they marked the start of a new chapter for us. These are our biggest milestones. 

Conclusion Roots

1997 People at the heart of our business

We believe in individual talent and entrepreneurship. They represent the foundations of our organization. We have a decentralized structure, with various brands and specializations for different markets. Some entities we set up ourselves, others we acquire. Each company focuses on what it's good at, so that we can tackle the most difficult and challenging projects head on.

2000 Best alone, better together

Our clients are increasingly looking for continuity, clarity, and transparency. They want products and services from a single supplier. We work with framework agreements. We are gradually venturing beyond the traditional segments.

2004 The power of cooperation

The days of stand-alone services and products are well and truly behind us. Now it's time for a broad perspective and a project-based approach. This is why we bundle our expertise to match each question or task. Collaborations that continue to grow and flourish, working within project teams. It's all about Best for Project.

2009 More than one

We have so much more to offer than just our services. We work alongside our clients and commit to long-term projects. Our clients benefit from our entrepreneurship. If we believe in a project or initiative, we actively get involved.

2014 Business Done Differently

We don't shy away from large-scale changes. Major transformations require synergy between processes and systems. Thanks to our dedicated service lines, we offer the best of both worlds. We anticipate needs, we know what we're good at, and we know our clients inside out. And above all, we are just as ambitious as we were on our first day at work.  We are a leading digital transformation partner in the Netherlands. We offer our clients an integrated package of services – full technology and service stacks. Our strength lies in our knowledge of business and technology. And this combination drives our core activities: Business Transformation and IT Services.

Close to you

Tomorrow’s questions have already moved beyond the client-versus-contractor paradigm. We take responsibility for important decisions, support you on the shop floor, and share our ideas, vision, and expertise in order to find the best solutions. Working for success requires commitment, initiative, and long-term thinking. From strategy to implementation and beyond, we stay on top of things.

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