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Enterprise Modules is a leading player in the field of enterprise-ready puppet modules for Oracle databases and Oracle WebLogic
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We are part of a unique ecosystem

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At Conclusion, we serve our clients by leveraging a unique ecosystem of IT and business-oriented companies. Each is an authority in their field. We’re a diverse team that inspires and reinforces each other. But how can this help you? As a client, you’ll always benefit from a customized solution that’s in line with your strategy and business goals. Get ready to unlock new opportunities.

A faster time to market. How about that.

Time-consuming adjustments to your Oracle or IBM database middleware and applications? They are a thing of the past! Enterprise Modules helps you thanks to our Puppet solutions. Modules for your organization that do work like installing, configuring, and managing in a fraction of your 'old' time.

Advantage one: you are free to focus on more important things. Advantage two:  the reduction of time-to-market makes your organization faster and more flexible. We live in a time where increasingly more is possible in less time. At Enterprise Modules, we are proud that we can contribute to this.

How can we help?

Staff Augmentation

Your Puppet champion has left and you need puppet expertise? Or do you only need a review of your puppet setup?

Automated IBM middleware management

Are you unable to consistently configure your IBM middleware across your fleet of systems?

Enterprise Config Management

Do you need an easy way to control your total IT configuration? Do you also want to ensure consistency over your whole stack?

Automated database management

Do you have trouble with keeping up database patch levels or are you lacking the time to upgrade? Do you have configuration drift in your databases?

Ensure compliance

You want to ensure that the configuration of your IT infrastructure meets compliance rules. Both now and always. Stay compliant?

WebLogic management

Do you need control over your WebLogic domain settings? Do you want to manage queues topics, data source and deployments like a pro?

Supported Puppet modules

Need Puppet modules for Enterprise class software like Oracle and IBM MQ? We have got you covered.

Oracle Cloud Migration

Do you want to move to the cloud, but need tools and methods to make sure your systems stay compliant?

We are part of a unique ecosystem


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Every company is an authority in its field. We solve your problems individually or together. We provide input and take responsibility for the implementation. We make it work. We provide support for all challenges related to the effective use of data and digital technology. Ready for the future of your organization.

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Bert Hajee

COO Enterprise Modules
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