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The commercial success of organizations is closely linked to the ability to continuously adapt services to the wishes and new opportunities in the market. This means that you need to be able to transition quickly from idea to operational result. This example shows how we support one of our clients in this dynamic process. The client in question is a prominent player in the automotive sector.


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8 maart 2021

Mendix klantcase digitale transformatie automotive sector Conclusion

Finding a solution in six weeks

Five years ago, our client started to work on the realization of its first low-code customized application in the Mendix platform. An acute problem in ‘shadow IT’ threatened to paralyze one of its business processes. A solution had to be found within six weeks, so the company called on our expertise. We got the job done. In fact, the client was so pleased with the outcome that the strategic decision was taken to deploy the Mendix platform on a structural basis. Our client now has more than thirty-five applications running. Additionally, they can quickly convert market demands into distinctive and functional applications and services for the internal customers and the dealer network.

Increasing need for applications

Soon after, the organization submitted more questions for a wide range of applications. Some of the projects carried out include: applications for internal employees in the service and sales domain, customer portals for dealers, and new digital services for fitting track-and-trace boxes in lease cars. In addition, workflow processes have been implemented across departments, making the processes run more smoothly and reducing the likelihood of errors. The result: higher employee and customer satisfaction.

Targeted support

Conclusion functions as the Centre of Excellence in the field of Mendix application development. In practice, this is a broad role. We make our client’s lives easier with regard to the following: architecture and business analysis; the design, development, testing, and subsequent management of the Mendix applications; and the realization of the corresponding integrations with the existing IT landscape.

Additionally, we have set up a specific company appstore. This private appstore offers standard modules and APIs that can be reused for new applications, among other things. This also includes special styling elements or widgets that are tailor-made for our customer. The company appstore contributes to consistency and recognizability while also providing generic and reusable components.

This well-oiled process, the efficient development line, and the good maintainability enable our clients to focus on innovation.

Aware of opportunities

Meanwhile, the involved colleagues at the client know very well which projects can be completed successfully with the Mendix platform. This is because they know the both problems in their current IT landscape and the wishes of their customers. As a solution direction, Mendix is therefore anchored in the Enterprise Architecture.

Requests for new applications are brought together in a central place. The Business Information Manager first determines whether a standard solution available in the market can be used for this issue. If such a standard solution is not available, then the Business Information Analyst investigates together with colleagues from the business whether the Mendix platform can solve this question. This analyst provides a clear request with which our software architect sets to work. Our software architect is the brain behind the design and development of the customized application. The requirements and wishes are translated into a customized solution and the architect designs the foundations. This proposed solution is discussed with the client.

We then draw up a budget and determine the lead time. Then the team comprised of developers, architect, scrum master, and a tester gets to work on realizing the solution. The architect/lead developer supervises the further development and monitors the progress. The team ensures that the application remains understandable and manageable: the end user must be able to work with it.

Working with end users from the start

From day one, the colleagues from the organization who want to use the application are involved in the design and development as domain experts. This ensures a smooth implementation in the organization: feedback and test results from the clients and users are immediately included in the next iteration during the project. An additional advantage of working with the Mendix platform is the available feedback function. Everyone knows what is happening and where at any given time, so that it’s easy to provide a response. This keeps every team member involved and promotes cooperation in the process. Business and IT work in a single flow and understand each other immediately. Usually, several such projects run side by side.

Alert and active – even after completion

Projects are transferred to Conclusion's management team after completion. This team provides monitoring, incident management, security patches, functional changes, and the further development of the application(s) concerning release. The various Mendix applications provide this automotive client with more flexibility, greater manoeuvrability, higher customer satisfaction, and more efficient, less error-prone working methods.

This is how we work based on our ecosystem

Conclusion serves its clients through our unique ecosystem of IT and business oriented companies. Each one is an authority in its field. By deploying such expertise in a targeted manner, we work to help you become resilient, agile, and distinct.

In this client case, Conclusion Low Code Company plays the leading role.

Want to know how to keep your business ahead of the game?

Daniëlle Graat

Director Conclusion Low Code Company
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