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Bright Alley contributes to the success of your organization by providing solutions that make sure your employees excel. With 40 experts in didactics, (game) design, user experience, and learning technology, we help you to achieve your mission. Sharp, disruptive, and open-minded since 1995.

Solutions include e-learning modules, a serious games, learning apps, VR experiences, or a combination of them. These solutions can be on topics such as onboarding, safety, information security, adoption, compliance, and professional knowledge.

Our expertise

Design thinking

You’ll never come up with the most effective solution on your own. Instead, you do this together and preferably with the target group. Our design-thinking approach really hits the mark.

Sustainable programmes

You can't learn your employees new behaviour overnight. To achieve and maintain the desired effect, we place our solutions in a broader programme.

E-learning modules

Would you like to raise your employees’ awareness of a specific topic? Then an e-learning module may be the solution.


Learning and working are becoming ever more closely related. By splitting learning into small increments, you can keep it manageable and fun to do. We know the many application possibilities of microlearning.

Learning apps

There’s an app for that! Although an app is not a goal in and of itself, we certainly see situations where an app adds value to the learning landscape. Employees of our clients endorse this.

Gamification and serious games

Clear goals, competition, rewards, active feedback, and progression. With these gaming principles, we motivate employees and make learning fun and attractive.

Virtual and augmented reality

You learn by doing and through experience. However, this is not always possible in practice. In situations like this, our immersive solutions are the answer.

Learning platforms

It’s important that the solutions we create are unified at a certain point. This can be in your own learning management system (LMS), or in an intranet or a platform that we set up for you.

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Every company is an authority in its field. We solve your problems individually or together. We provide input and take responsibility for the implementation. We make it work. We provide support for all challenges related to the effective use of data and digital technology. Ready for the future of your organization.

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