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About us

Think of us as bridge-builders: between the present and the future, between strategy and implementation, between human and technology. With an ecosystem of 26 expert companies in business transformation and IT services, we serve companies and governments on their digital journey toward the future. We believe integrity, reliability, and a sense of responsibility are key to the success of this transformation. Our clients also recognize this. That’s why they like working with us, and our people like working with them. We form a team.

Resilient. Agile. Distinctive.

Digital transformation affects all facets of our economy – it’s as essential as it is challenging. This is why it’s vital to have a coherent and comprehensive digital strategy. What opportunities are there? What does resilience mean in practice for your organization? What will ensure you’re agile enough to meet tomorrow’s demands? And how do you stay relevant in a constantly evolving market? With our TWO Model, we portray these issues coherently along the Technology-Working Method-Organization axis: the basis for the dialogue that starts our partnership.

Benefit from our unique ecosystem

At Conclusion, we serve our clients by leveraging a unique ecosystem of IT and business-oriented companies. Each is an authority in their field. As you can see from our eight themes, we inspire and reinforce each other. But what’s in it for you? As a client, you’ll always get a custom solution to your question Our services are scalable and can be used in conjunction with each other, from specific sub-solutions to the entire field of digital transformation and digital process outsourcing.

A question of mentality

At Conclusion, we believe in the value of intensive collaboration. But our collaboration goes beyond just technology – there needs to be a click. You’ll work with people who are just as passionate about solving your issues as you are. Regardless of roles or positions, we work as a team. You can count on our hands-on mentality. We come up with sustainable plans and innovative solutions and implement them. But we also look beyond the four walls of our workplace, because we know that solutions must create value for our customers, colleagues, partners, and for society as a whole. We make it work.

Business done differently

We have so much more to offer than just our services. We work alongside our clients and commit to long-term projects. Digital transformation affects the entire organization, so it pays to look really far ahead. We also know that this approach guarantees effective client and project teams that operate on an almost autonomous basis. Investing in each other is the best investment you can make. Our clients benefit from our entrepreneurship. If we believe in a project or initiative, we actively get involved. Business done differently.

At the heart of society

Conclusion provides services, products, and concepts for mission-critical and society-critical IT projects. This places us at the heart of society. We help make work, healthcare, and transport easier, safer, and more efficient. But in order to actually deliver that added value to society, we are also users of that same society: we consume products and materials, we produce waste and emissions, and we expect a lot from our people during our projects. This is why, besides focusing on bits and bytes, we also ask ourselves the question: how can we give back?

Way ahead of its time

Conclusion was founded in 1997 based on a concept that instantly appealed – respond to changes and seize opportunities. Some of these changes had such an impact that they marked the start of a new chapter for us.

Conclusion in figures

Digitalization and business transformation is what makes us who we are, just like our belief in the value of the human side of things. Read here how we incorporate all these ingredients in our work and how this has resulted in solid figures over recent years.

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