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Microservices - a silver bullet or not?

Op 16 april organiseert organiseert de Dutch Oracle Architects Platform een sessie over microservices.

16 maart 2018   |   Nieuws   |   Door: AMIS Conclusion


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Because of the attendance of various non-native Dutch participants, this session will be mostly in English.

Microservices are a hot topic. Are they the silver bullet that solves all enterprise IT challenges? Probably not overnight. But the microservices philosophy has many interesting elements that may add a lot of value to existing IT landscapes. This session of the Dutch Oracle Architects Platform – by popular request – will focus on microservices. How can we benefit from them, especially given our existing IT environments with legacy technologies, monolith applications, enterprise databases and our desire to embrace the cloud, reduce costs and increase agility?


We will discuss real life experiences with microservices as well as associated theory. Themes that will come up include product ownership and DevOps teams, the microservices run time platform, data bounded context, event driven communication, the continuous delivery process and monitoring and managing.


AMIS architects Luc Gorissen and Patrick Stevens will report their findings from the QCon conference in London, where microservices is a main topic. They will specifically talk about workflows across microservices – the future of BPM – through orchestration and choreography.


Attendees are invited to share their experiences and use cases.  We will brainstorm on smart approaches, risks and benefits – especially in the new normal: the hybrid environment with cloud in addition to on-premises. Any topics you want to discuss, experiences you can share or questions you want to raise are welcome too.

Survey and registration

We would appreciate it if you could fill out a short survey about where you and your organisation stand with microservices. The results will be shared with you and will be used to 'shape' the session. Registration for this session is included in the survey.


The slides from our previous session (“50 shades of data”) can be found here. On February 20th we organized a workshop on ElasticSearch and Kibana; the resources of this workshop are available on GitHub.

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